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In its beginnings, Hack&Talk was just an event that was helping people to get in touch with new ideas and inspire them to build new solutions. For us, it was a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and, sometimes, cross paths with them.

Soon, it turned out that our formula was not adequate to what we were trying to achieve.

There was a lot of great coding happening, but we felt that we want to give people more creative freedom than ever. We also wanted them to exchange knowledge with us, solve problems and talk. We wanted to create a community of developers who will have fun hacking, thinking, and networking.

Hack&Talk’s core will remain hacking and reaching the sky (while feasting on pizza).

But now, we also want people to be able to connect and exchange knowledge. We also want to make sure that every hackathon newbies will get a warm welcome and will become a member of our community. And even if you don’t feel like hacking yet, you can always show up on project presentations and get inspired by ideas of other code-slayers.