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Meet the illustrious winners of our previous hackathons. Would you dare to win one of the upcoming events and be immortalized in this Hack&Talk’s Hall of Fame?


As a big Hackathon fan and competitive spirit, I couldn’t miss the chance in showing off my skills in LiveChat hackathon #3, so I decided to participate.

I came up with the idea of bringing chats to virtual reality. My idea was that after putting on VR goggles, you could find yourself in a room full of chats.

I managed to create a working prototype with chat.io API which provided perfectly working backend for my chats. Thanks to the support from LiveChat developers I managed to overcome some of the errors and my app was ready to go.

On my final presentation, I demonstrated how my product works and how fun and enjoyable it is to play with. I tried to make it simple and funny, and that’s why I think I managed to win.


When me and my friend came across the LiveChat’s Hackathon on Facebook, we thought that the topic was pretty cool to work on, so without further ado we decided to participate.

Next day, we were coding our supreme integration. It was a payment button for a customer who wants to tip consultant during a chat. We thought it would be a nice gesture of recognition towards live chat agents who often work till late hours.

We used LiveChat’s Visitor API to create a chat with our button and paypal.me as a peer-2-peer payment system. There was also our API on the .NET core for the purpose of matching consultant and user data and generating payment links. A little help from LiveChat developers side et voilà, our project was live and kicking!


We found out about the LiveChat Hackathon from social media. Initially, we thought that it’s just another programming marathon, but the prize (getting hired by LiveChat) and the topic (application of AI) really caught our attention.

With a team of three, we decided to participate. Over a couple of hours, we created a rough prototype that used AI to suggest pre-made answers to customer service agents. All the other projects were really high level and very innovative so we never expected that we would win!

But here we are: a year later, the three of us now working in the R&D team at LiveChat, expanding our initial idea from the Hackathon to its full potential. Our project, BotEngine.ai is now a full-fledged product.